Our Capabilities

We have the capability to manage projects from product conceptualization stage to mass production. Our engineer can participate in the product review stage to shorten development time for tooling and production. 

We are equipped with a medium range of machines from 30 to 130 tonnes capacity to produce precision plastic parts. We have auxiliary handling capability to unload parts from machine to next processes including capabilities to do insert molding. 

We supports customers development work in the area of parts prototyping, tool design and fabrication of production tooling, including production of plastic parts with sub-assembly capabilities. 

We service the following industries: 

  1. Electronics related industries 
  2. Industrial sectors 
  3. Consumer products


Our Injection Molding Machines:

M/C Maker Tonnage Tie Bar Dist. Opening Daylight Shot Size Screw Type Qty
Toshiba 30 H255 X W255 130/300 30g Standard 1 Unit
Nissei 40 H310 x W310 150/450 35g Standard 4 Unit
Nissei 40 H310 x W310 150/450 35g Harden 3 Unit
Sodick 50 H310 x W355 210/570 83g Plunger 2 Unit
Nissei 80 H355 x W355 150/350 65g Harden 3 Unit
Nissei 110 H420 x W420 200/720 120g Standard 1 Unit
Toshiba 130 H460 x W460 190/750 155g Standard 1 Unit
Precision Components
Comestics Components
Clear Parts