At SJ Mold Pte. Ltd. we offer a complete integrated service in Plastic Injection Moulding. We are able to offer services from initial design to product manufacturing with our state of the art, computerized moulding machines using a range of engineering and commodity plastics. Over the years, SJ Mold has gained excellence reputation within the industry for producing high quality products to our customers requirements.


As an integrated solution manufacturer,  we provide services in all thermoplastic related manufacturing

  1. Insert Molding
  2. Gear Molding
  3. Turn Key Assembly
  4. Logistic Management


Design For Manufacturability:

Our experienced project engineers participate in the product design phase with customers to provide Design for Manufacturability(DFM) inputs to the designer such that the parts could be simplify to lower tooling and will be more cost effective and suitable for mass production with consistent quality.

Rapid Prototyping:

We work with out partners to provide rapid prototyping to clients in the product development phase. The prototyping parts could be done by rubber molds, SLA or even by CNC machining.

Plastic Injection Moulding:

SJ Mold Pte. Ltd. has precision injection molding machines of various sizes. Including all the auxiliary plastic injection moulding equipment you will find in any production mould shop, moulds heaters, hot runner controllers, dryers, conveyors etc.

  1. Precision Moulding
  2. Turn Key Assembly